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Fitness Ranking

A person's maximum rate of oxygen consumption during aerobic exercise, their VO 2 max , is the gold standard of measurement in aerobic fitness scoring. It is often normalized to a person's body weight to allow for comparison between different people. However, other factors aside from body weight, such as age, can also influence an individual's VO 2 max score. This calculator converts a VO2 max score to a percentile rank, so people of different ages can be compared.

The form fields below will ask you to enter your age, your VO 2 max score from a recent maximal exercise test, and your sex. From this information, the fitness calculator will generate a percentile rank representing your overall fitness, comparing your VO 2 max to those of others in your peer group.

Essentially, a VO 2 max score represents the maximum volume (V) of oxygen (O 2) that a person can consume within one minute while performing intense aerobic exercise and breathing air at normal barometric pressure. This is measured in milliters (ml) of oxygen consumed per kilogram (kg) of body weight per minute (min):

ml x kg 1x min 1

Additional information on the metabolic equations used to calculate VO 2 max scores can be found via the ACSM website.

This application was created as an effort of the Alzheimer's Disease Center. The algorithm used for these rankings is based on that published by the American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 9th Ed. and is currently being peer reviewed. Maximal exercise testing should be conducted on a treadmill, according to ACSM guidelines and safety recommendations.

Please note that these figures are estimates only. Your information will not be stored by this application, as the fitness calculator exists for demonstrative purposes only.

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