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Schedule a Dementia Evaluation

Is it dementia? In addition to conducting world-class research, the KU Alzheimer's Disease Research Center offers direct patient care. To schedule a dementia evaluation, follow the steps outlined here.

The Memory Care Clinic provides patient and family care, from diagnosis through treatment. The clinic provides our doctors with insights they take back to the research lab — and the lab provides insights they bring back to the clinic. It’s a “labs to life” perspective that adds tremendous value for you.

Members of the neurology team at the Memory Care Clinic will work with you to determine an accurate diagnosis and address concerns. Please allow time to obtain the referral and an appointment date.

  • You must obtain a referral to the clinic from your primary care provider. Your doctor’s office will send us your relevant medical history, including physical, blood and lab work results, brain scan reports and images. The information can be faxed to us at 913-945-7508. Once we receive that information, someone from the Memory Care Clinic will contact you to schedule your appointment.
  • The dementia evaluation will include an initial visit with a nurse practitioner. The appropriate testing is determined individually, but typically includes neuropsychological testing with a neuropsychologist, a brain scan, and a thorough review of medical history and records. After the results are evaluated, you will be scheduled for a diagnostic visit with one of the neurologists.
  • The Memory Care Clinic staff will schedule your appointment as soon as possible, but the number of referrals sometimes means that appointments can be 3-4 months out.
  • For questions about a Memory Care Clinic appointment, call 913-588-0970.
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