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Brain Health Guide

What you do TODAY can change the future for MILLIONS.

With the help of people like you—research participants, patients, families—we're gaining insights on everything from brain scans to brain teasers.

We're reducing risk. We're improving lives.

Our Brain Health Guide (PDF) will help you take small steps to support your brain health. Learn about the exciting progress being made at the KU ADRC and how we are here to support you.

Brain Health Guide (PDF)

Mobile View (PDF)

In the Brain Health Guide, you'll find:

  • answers to frequently asked questions about Alzheimer's
  • everyday decisions you can make to support your brain health
  • tips to help caregivers
  • information about our life-changing research and community outreach programs

Read the Brain Health Guide (PDF) to learn why we believe the best days are ahead.

Dr. Jeff Burns establishes the KU Alzheimer's Research Program.
The KU program is designated as one of only 31 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Alzheimer's disease centers in the country.
NIH once again renews KU ADRC's status and funding through 2026.
With effective treatment and preventions, Alzheimer's disease is curable.
KU Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

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