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Training, Consultations & Collaborations

Informatics Systems 

Just as organizations don’t charge for each email sent, we provide informatics systems supported by Frontiers and the University of Kansas Medical Center as a resource to Frontiers investigators and KU Medical Center affiliates. 

We ask that your research cites the funding sources and prior work that built and supports these systems you enjoy. Further information about systems is available at the Frontiers Informatics section


We provide training to Frontiers investigators and KU Medical Center affiliates for our supported informatics systems REDCap (data capture) and HERON (cohort discovery and data extraction). 

Introduction to REDCap and HERON

For Project Assistance

  • REDCap & HERON Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 4-5 p.m., Friday 9-10 a.m. Sign up online. This is not a beginner course; 15-20 min appointment to assist with specific questions

For support by email: Contact


Are you developing a grant or proposal? Have funding? Seeking support for your thesis or dissertation? 

To begin discussions, please contact with information about your request. We will get back to you within three business days to discuss your project. 

In general, we provide consultation around the following topics: 

  • Building a clinical registry 
  • Data warehousing and data integration with electronic medical records and other systems 
  • Custom software development, knowledge management and informatics solutions 
  • Data management for clinical trials and integration with electronic medical records 

An initial meeting will be held to understand: 

  1. Your goals from an informatics perspective 
  2. Project feasibility, timeframes, design parameters, and expected outcomes 
  3. Resources needed for the project 

Possible outcomes of the meeting: 

  • We mutually determine your team should use the available informatics systems and training. 
  • We work with you to develop your grant or proposal and the budget/approach for funding informatics services. 
  • We provide support for you, a KU Medical Center student, seeking to incorporate informatics into your research and career. If your research is aligned with our roadmap and objectives, we will discuss with your advisor the degree to which informatics and your department might support your research. 
  • You decide to work with us on your grant or proposal; we will develop a statement of work following one of two collaboration/service models outlined below. 

Collaboration Service Models 

Fees for Service 

We offer an hourly fee-for-service for all informatics services. We will provide you with pricing information when responding to your inquiry. For custom project designs, the informaticians and investigators will discuss the complexity of the project and set a fixed time/cost on certain open-ended questions or underspecified requirements. We place a high value on transparency and attempt to provide accurate effort forecasting and use a software project management system for defining milestones, tasks, and time-tracking. 

Research Collaboration  

Our personnel are included as co-investigators on your grant applications. Staff time spent on a grant should be representative of the actual effort required to meet deliverables (in no case should staff effort be less than five percent).

Research Informatics

University of Kansas Medical Center
Research Informatics
Student Center, 3001C 
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City KS 66160 

Research and Project Requests: 
HERON and REDCap support: