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Our Impact

What distinguishes Reach Out and Read from other interventions is its large and growing evidence base.

Research conducted at the national level by Reach Out and Read, and by our Kansas City chapter, shows positive outcomes in families served by the program.

2.5 x
Parents and families are 2.5 times more likely to read to their children and have books in the home.
Children’s language development improves within 3-6 months with exposure to Reach Out and Read.
100% of KC parents reported they will share books as frequently (or more) based on the advice received from their medical provider.

Since 1991, the Reach Out and Read model has been studied by academic investigators in a variety of settings, providing an extensive body of peer-reviewed research on the effects of the program. The body of published research supporting the efficacy of the Reach Out and Read model is more extensive than for any other psychosocial intervention in general pediatrics.

More information can be found on the National Reach Out and Read website.

Awards and Endorsements

We are proud to be part of a national network of Reach Out and Read sites that together serve millions of children across the United States each year. Reach Out and Read has been recognized with significant awards and endorsements from organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians. Learn more on the National Reach Out and Read website.

"One time, I was sitting in my regular space at the clinic when a family walked in, and the boys yelled, "The book lady is here!" I had been there on one of their previous visits and the mom said that the boys always look for me when they come. "
child on an adult's lap reading a book together

Make a Difference in Children’s Lives

Your gift to Reach Out and Read Kansas City will have a direct impact in our local communities, providing babies and young children access to books.
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Reach Out and Read Kansas City

Reach Out and Read Kansas City

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