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Robert G. Badgett, M.D.

Robert Badgett portrait
Professor, Wichita - Internal Medicine

Professional Background

Prior to being at KUSM-W, my expertise is in information retrieval, dissemination, and medical publishing. I have taught searching to groups including the International Cochrane Collaboration, the American College of Physicians, the Society of General Internal Medicine, and all UTHSCSA medical students before moving to Kansas. I have had my own internationally recognized medical search engine, SUMSearch, online since 1998. Regarding publishing, I led the development of peer review for UpToDate and supervised its first two years. After that, I helped develop electronic publishing for the Annals of Internal Medicine and the same for the Journal of the American Medical Association. I served on the Editorial Board for the Journal of General Internal Medicine. My research in this area focuses on 1) collaborative programming to support team science via living meta-analyses and other collaborations, 2) developing original MEDLINE search strategies.

Since joining KUSM-W, I have led efforts for the Department of Internal Medicine in quality improvement and the teaching of quality improvement. In my role in the Department of Population Health, I have taught lit searching and quality improvement to all KUSM-W medical students since 2012. We have presented our projects and won awards at various regional and national meetings. Projects include regional efforts to reduce mortality from septic shock and safe use of dangerous medications such as anticoagulants and opioids.

Education and Training
  • BA, Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel
  • MD, Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel



Since 2016, I have collaborated with members of the KU-Lawrence School of Business on positive organizational psychology as a method to improve thriving of physicians. This complements prior collaboration with the UT-Austin McComb School of Business on the role of complexity science in organizational learning. This work focuses on the promotion of a thriving and innovative workforce with management by complexity leadership theory. A key tool for complexity science is positive deviance methodology which we have used in local projects and are exploring for wider use. Details are at

Separately, my prior work in information dissemination has evolved to executing living systematic reviews and developing their methods. This work is documented at

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