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Security Escort Service


  • KU Police Department offer a security escort service to employees, students, and visitors to and from residences, parking lots, and parking garages within the boundaries of Chester to the north, State Line Road to the east, 43rd Street to the south, and Fisher to the west (see map below).
    • Policy is that if you have parked in a parking lot or your destination is on a shuttle route during normal shuttle operation hours (4:30am to 12:15am Monday - Friday for the Main Campus Blue Shuttle) then you should take the bus to your destination.
    • From 8pm to 12:15 am, you can go to the shuttle drop-off/pick-up site outside the Heart Center and ask any shuttle to drop you off at your car in a KUMC designated parking lot within the Blue Shuttle route.
    • Questions regarding shuttle service should directed to KU Parking Services at 913-588-5175 or use the link for more information.


  • Escorts to locations off-campus are handled from 5pm to 7am Monday - Friday, and 24 hours a day on holidays and weekends. If your destination is a parking lot or KUMC building and it is after normal shuttle operation hours, an escort may also be requested.
    • To request a police escort, contact police dispatch at (913-588-5030); make sure to specify that you are asking for a security escort when making the request and to let dispatch know your current location and your destination.
    • In order to expedite the serve, the KU Hospital main entrance and Health Education Building (HEB) have been designated as the main escort pickup and dropoff points.
    • Requests for escorts outside the established boundaries and times are granted upon a supervisor's approval.


  • For personal safety when crossing 39th street, KU Police ask students and employees to try to use one of the two skywalks whenever possible and refrain from using the ground level crosswalk on 39th street.
    • Access to the hospital skywalk is located next to A.R. Dykes Library.
    • Access to the HEB/Orr-Major Skywalk is located on the ground floor of the HEB, at the 39th street entrance.

 For information regarding safety and security on KUMC campus, please use the following link:

Security Escort Boundaries Map

 Map of Police Escort Area (marked in blue)



Last modified: Jul 26, 2018