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Sexual Assault Policy

No form of sexual assault will be tolerated or condoned at the University of Kansas Medical Center. This policy prohibits those acts defined as sexual assaults as well as attempts to coerce sexual activity upon an unwilling person. The university and the KU Medical Center Police will take action against those who violate this policy.


University police should be notified immediately of an incident in order to render immediate assistance to the victim and to protect evidence associated with the assault. Reports should also be made to the University's Title IX Coordinator at (785) 864-6414. The Title IX Coordinator will assist the victim in identifying recovery services and discuss the University's administrative process for investigating allegations of sexual assault in violation of the University Sexual Harassment Policy. The grievance/investigation procedures are set forth in the Title IX Resolution Process. Victims of sexual assault should not wash or change clothes until after they have been examined by emergency medical staff. Normally, the attacker will leave evidence vitally important to prosecuting the case.


The department delivers educational programs periodically throughout each academic year that are accessible to the student population through appropriate scheduling.

KU Police offer Rape Aggression Defense Training (RAD) to KU Medical Center and The University of Kansas Hospital faculty, staff and students. The program is a 12-hour class offered in multiple sessions for women only. Size, strength and age do not matter to be successful, as RAD is designed to empower women to know they can get away from an attacker. The instructional objective of RAD is to develop and enhance the options of self-defense, so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked.  


Public Safety

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