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Police Services

The University Police Department responds to all reports of crimes that occur on campus, other properties owned by the University of Kansas and at the request of Kansas City, Kansas Police Department to properties in the surrounding community. Police Services provides 24 hours a day, seven day a week coverage for the campus.

Uniformed officers patrol on foot, by bicycle, unmarked patrol vehicles and marked patrol vehicles.

Officers are fully commissioned by the State and in the city of Kansas City Kansas. We enforce University rules, regulations, as well as municipal and state laws, and are authorized to carry firearms. We work closely with the city of Kansas City Kansas Police Department and with other state and federal agencies as required. You can report crimes to the University Police Department 24 hours a day by calling 913-588-5030.

General Contact Information:

Patrol Division Commander

Bicycle Patrol Unit

The University of Kansas Police Department integrated the use of bicycles into its patrol operations in 1993. Currently this unit consists of 7 specially trained officers. The Bike Unit employs the use of specially designed and outfitted TREK mountain bikes.

KUPD bicycles are outfitted with aggressive all-terrain tires and off-road suspension systems. The bicycles are also equipped with headlights and a rear rack with a compact duty bag. Officers assigned to the Bicycle Unit must complete a specialized 3-day training course. Police Cyclist training includes instruction on operating the bicycle through various skills courses, up and down stairs, over obstacles, multi-mile endurance rides and bicycle maintenance skills.

Bicycle officers can exercise the option to ride throughout the entire year, dependant upon staffing and environmental conditions. The Bike Patrol Unit is an additional facet of the department's proactive approach to law enforcement and service to the community. Since its inception, the Bike Patrol Unit has become an invaluable asset. The Bike Patrol furthers community relations by increasing the police officer's visibility and approachability. This unit's mobility allows for a quick response time and increased efficiency in patrolling the pedestrian areas and parking lots. Furthermore, due to the agility, speed and stealth-like characteristics of the bicycles, officers assigned to the Bike Patrol Unit are able to quietly and quickly surprise suspects engaged in the act of committing crimes.


University police officers also review reports of old, or "cold," crimes. University of Kansas detectives follow up crime reports that have investigative leads. Detectives analyze each assigned case and issue summonses or obtains arrest warrants when required.

University detectives coordinate with the district or city attorney's offices for the filing of criminal charges.  University Police Department crime reports containing information that may affect the security of other University units are routed to those units and appropriate administrators.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018