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Overview of Divisions

It is the policy of the University of Kansas Medical Center Police Department to provide general law enforcement, criminal investigations, order maintenance and emergency response to those citizens who work at and visit the University of Kansas Medical Center and The University of Kansas Hospital. To address this policy, the Police Department is comprised of five major organizational elements. 

Police Services

The most visible component of the department is the Police Services Division, which is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of police services. These are the uniformed men and women who patrol the city's neighborhoods, parking lots and buildings. The highly trained and experienced professionals who comprise these units focus on a wide range of criminal activities and their expertise in a variety of police science disciplines enables them to skillfully investigate crime and apprehend offenders. Bicycle patrol units are part of this division as well.

Strawberry Hill Campus

Both police and security officers are part of the Strawbery Hill Division.  The police officers are responsible for the day-to-day police services at the facility as well as patroling the area surrounding the building in the Strawberry Hill District of Kansas City, Kansas.  The security officers handle the visitor screening and motorist assist requests for that campus.

Security Services

Capt. Robert Gibson, CHSS
Security Operations Commander

Our Vision
Security Services is dedicated to maintaining and promoting a safe and secure environment for our diverse community. Our customer service orientated Healthcare Security Professionals pledge to care for, assist and serve our patients, visitors, staff and students with integrity & professionalism.

Administrative Security Services - Responsible for the new hire onboarding, policy & procedure review, Baldridge framework initiative, IAHSS compliance and works closely with the public safety learning & development specialist to develop security training throughout the division.

Hospital Security Services - Staffed with non-commissioned, unarmed security personnel who handle static post assignments on the main campus to include: Maternal Surveillance protection, Emergency Room magnetometer entrances and ambulance bay, Medical Pavilion, Hospital after hours visitor entrance and magnetometer screening, traffic control to include cross walk safety and Surgical ICU waiting room monitoring.

Field Security Services - Staffed with non-commissioned, unarmed security officers who handle static parking lot/garage patrols, parking enforcement, blue phone safety inspections, patient/visitor/employee mobile escorts, tire inflations, Cambridge Tower security patrols and after-hours visitor magnetometer, Rehabilitation after hours visitor controlled access entrance, Westwood Campus security & Cancer Research Center (CRC) security.

Behavioral Health Security Services - Compromised of 3 satellite KU Health Systems locations which include: Strawberry Hill, Marillac and Indian Creek campuses. Staffed with non-commissioned, unarmed security officers who perform internal and external static foot patrols. Provide jump starts, employee escorts, blue phone inspections, front entrance security visitor-controlled access and magnetometer screening.

Strategic Services

The Strategic Services Division is responsible for Crime Prevention and community interaction, the Professional Standards and Accreditation for CALEA and IAHSS unit, criminal investigations, training, vehicle and equipment management.  Police records/fingerprinting services, and technology support are also part of the Strategic Services Division.


The Administration Division performs the administrative and logistical functions that are crucial to the effective operations of the department. This division handles a wide variety of tasks for the entire Department of Public Safety, including the Police Department, Emergency Management, and Parking and Transportation Services. These services include human resources management, benefits, payroll, recruitment, purchasing and accounting.

Last modified: Apr 12, 2021