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Crime Prevention Campaign 2019

police officers in front of service vehicles

Like It? Lock It, Don't Lose It.

Did you know? Theft is the #1 crime in most jurisdictions? Preventing theft starts with you.


  1. Secure Personal Belongings
    use lockers and lockable drawers, or keep belongings with you at all times.

  2. Situational Awareness
    be aware of your surroundings and limit distractions.

  3. Remember
    If it's valuable to you, it's valuable to others.

If you "See Something, Say Something."

Report suspicious activity to:

KUPD Dispatch, 913-588-5030
For Emergency Asistance call 9-1-1

See the Community Crime Prevention page for more tips on what you can do to prevent robberies and thefts.

Sgt. Kristi Sisk, KUPD Crime Prevention
913-588-5030 /

Last modified: Aug 16, 2019