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Core Values And Guiding Principles

We place the highest reverence on the value of human life and commitment to conduct that will maintain public confidence in our profession, the department and our performance of the public trust

We believe that by practicing the principles of community oriented policing; we will best achieve a feeling of security in our community. We are a part of and not apart from, the communities we serve. We exist to serve the community. We are accountable and responsive to the community that we serve.

We are committed to the highest ideals of honor and integrity. We believe that dishonesty, distrust, rudeness, and arrogance have no place in our department. We will perform our duties with traditional standards of civility and common decency.

We respect the dignity, worth and diversity of all persons. We are committed to friendly courteous service with all members of the public, at all times seeking improvement in the quality and image of public service.

We believe that the strength of our department lies in our employees. We value exceptional performance and will publicly acclaim our employees' achievements.

We hold an individuals right to constitutional protection sacred. A commitment to fair and impartial enforcement of laws and ordinances. We respect the rule of law and solemnly affirm to uphold the constitution.

We encourage open and constructive dialogue between all levels of employees of the organization. Our employees interact in a positive work environment and shall be free from fear, favoritism, and intimidation. We are dedicated to innovative and participative management, at all times seeking to improve our department, increase productivity and remain responsive to the needs of our community.

We believe that in order to inspire confidence and trust in our department and profession, we must work together in a spirit of harmony and cooperation. Each person with whom the department deals must be made to feel that they are receiving the highest level of personal attention and service. We create a satisfied citizen because our actions are made with intelligence and professionalism.

We believe that a fundamental duty of our leadership is to diligently inspire other members; to practice, promote, and preserve the values of this department. The core purpose of our leadership is to foster an organizational environment that will allow our employees to be successful.

We believe that how we get the job done is as important as getting the job done. The correct path taken is as important as the final destination. We are problem solvers, not problem makers. We take great pride in being able to complete any and all tasks in a highly professional, reasonable, and effective manner.

Publicly affirmed by the members of our department.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018