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The KUMC Department of Public Safety has served the University of Kansas Medical Center campus and community for more than 45 years. Throughout these years, we have worked hard to promote and maintain a safe campus by sustaining mutual trust and building relationships with the community we serve.

This commitment continues today in the exceptional crime prevention and education services we strive to provide. We embrace the importance of partnering and working as a team to deliver services to our community in a transparent and efficient manner. Along with sustaining a safe environment, we are building and sustaining a culture of trust with our external and internal customers.  

With a unified, highly supportive environment for education, research, health care and employment, we strive to maintain high levels of safety and security. We continue to improve our operations by actively seeking feedback and suggestions from the KUMC students, employees and other customers.

We work with our external partners to maximize our safety profile during planning and project work for those we are sworn to serve and protect. Our success to maintain a safe and secure KUMC campus requires the cooperation, understanding and efforts of the entire KUMC community.

Public Safety

University of Kansas Medical Center
Public Safety Department
Mail Stop 1004
2100 West 36th Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66160
Phone: 913-588-5030
Fax: 913-588-5124