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About Project Eagle

We are committed to the young children in Wyandotte County. We currently administer four programs.

All of Project Eagle's programs focus on the health and well-being of pregnant women and young children and aim to prepare children, engage families, and promote excellence in the broader field of early childhood education. 

Project Eagle has offered services in Wyandotte County, Kansas, for more than 25 years. The University of Kansas Medical Center began the program for the purpose of providing early education and comprehensive family support services to low-income and at-risk children between the ages of birth to 3 and pregnant women and their families. 

Why Our Work Matters

Our annual community assessment highlights the increased likelihood for young children in Wyandotte County to experience one or more risk factors that make them susceptible to experiencing a significant number of adverse child experiences. The Children's Mercy Hospital's 2016 Community Needs Assessment estimates that 36.7% of children in Wyandotte County live in poverty and nearly half of experience one or more adverse childhood experiences. These risk factors, coupled with persistent challenges and barriers to adequate and quality services and interventions, can lead to lower levels of school readiness, poor health outcomes, lower levels of parental engagement, and dismal long-term outcomes.

Why is early education important?

Our History

The staff of Project Eagle have been partnering with families to improve the outcomes for those children most at risk for academic failure since 1989. Project Eagle has expanded its program, services, staff and budget to serve over 1,000 children and families annually. Our team has grown to more than 80 educators, home visitors, community navigators, support staff and others—all united by our devotion to Project Eagle's mission.


Why work at Project Eagle?

We love transforming lives every day at one of Kansas City's most diverse and inclusive workplaces! When you join Project Eagle's school family, you'll be part of a nationally recognized leader in Early Childhood Education.

Current Job Openings with Project Eagle

Coaching & Development

At Project Eagle, we're serious about professional development. Our school calendar includes
professional development. Our school calendar includes professional development days for school staff nearly every month.

Classroom Budget

At Educare Kansas City, our center-based program, each classroom has a monthly budget that can be used to order supplies from several vendors.

Competitive Pay

At Project Eagle, we regularly compare our salaries to other companies to ensure our wages are


At Project Eagle, elected benefits for full-time employees and eligible dependents begin the first day of the month after their start date! Some of our affordable benefits include medical, dental, and vision options.

"I have learned how to get to know my child better because of my Home Visit. I feel that I can communicate with and listen to them. It's helped me understand how much they've suffered when I've been in pain."
Project Eagle

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