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Prabhakar Chalise, PhD

Prabhakar Chalise portrait
Associate Professor, Biostatistics & Data Science

Professional Background

Dr. Prabhakar Chalise is an Associate Professor and Assistant Director of Graduate Education in the Department of Biostatistics and Data Science. Dr. Chalise has collaborated in numerous internally and externally funded projects. The projects range from wide varieties of biomedical studies including both clinical and molecular researches.

Education and Training
  • PhD, Statistics, Florida State University, Tallahassee , FL
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship, Statistical genetics and genomics, Department of Health Sciences Research, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Professional Affiliations
  • University of Kansas Alzheimer's Disease Center, Member, 2018 - Present
  • University of Kansas Cancer Center , Member, 2014 - Present
  • International Genetic Epidemiology Society, Member, 2010 - Present
  • International Biometric Society, Member, 2009 - Present
  • American Statistical Association, Member, 2008 - Present



My primary research interest is in utilizing my training in biostatistics and quantitative sciences to understand the biology of living systems. I work closely in the studies of molecular basis of the disease using various types of genetics and genomics data. Most of such datasets are high dimensional in nature which include SNP, mRNA expression, microRNA, DNA methylation, and protein expression. Besides molecular data analysis, I have also worked in many clinical trial studies starting from the design phase of the study to analyses and interpretation. Biomedical research is growing increasingly advanced in unprecedented ways due to the advent of high throughput technologies. Such high throughput experiments generate large volume of data. It is essential to develop adequate modeling approaches that will be able to leverage all available information in order to explain the correct disease risk association. My research is focused in developing statistical and computational methods in analyzing such data to address frontier problems in biomedical research both in molecular and clinical levels.

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