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Travel Advisory Information

The quality of the educational and professional experiences and the safety of students, faculty, and staff are the first priorities of the University of Kansas Medical Center. Owing to concerns for student, faculty and staff safety, the University of Kansas Medical Center does not uniformly support international educational or professional experiences to high-risk areas identified by a US Department of State Travel Advisory Level 3 or 4 or a CDC Travel Alert Level 3.  However, should an individual still desire a professional or educational experience in a high-risk area , he/she may petition for an exception to this policy.  

  For more information on KUMC policies regarding safe travel practices to a High-Risk Area  and petitioning for an exception, please see the documents below.     

KUMC Policy Regarding Travel to a Country with a Travel Advisory Level 3 or 4

Travel Advisory Notices and Country Security Assessments

Last modified: Dec 04, 2020