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Global Bridges Program

Global Bridges

Application (PDF)

Please email your application to or bring it to the Office of International Programs, 5010 Wescoe.

Global Bridges is a service offered by the Office of International Programs that connects you with a partner on campus or in the community who shares an interest in developing multi-cultural awareness. Sharing information and experiences about culture and language, history, values and lifestyles through Global Bridges will help you meet new people, grow as an individual, prepare for and adapt to international experiences and increase your understanding of the world.


  1. Connect students who have completed an international educational experience with students who will be going to the same country
  2. Connect internationals to the local population for language and culture exchange purposes


  1. Students who will participate in an International Education Experience
    • Helps students to know what to expect, which will reduce anxiety         
    • Helps reduce culture bumps so students will be able to focus more on their purpose and less on cultural missteps         
    • Prepares students on what is expected of them during their international experience

  2. Students who have completed an International Education Experience
    • Communicating newly developed cross-cultural knowledge and skills will help with retention
    • Communicating international experiences to others helps the individual understand and process emotions associated with the experience    

  3. Internationals
    • Eases adjustments to Kansas City, KS, USA culture
    • Improves cross-cultural communication
    • Provides emotional support/improves sense of belonging
    • Increases integration with KUMC and the KC area
    • Enhances the American cultural experience

  4. Faculty, Staff and KUMC Students
    • Professional development: Improves cross-cultural communication skills
    • Personal development: learn about other countries and cultures 

Program Description (above content) as a PDF


If any file format prevents you from accessing the information, please contact for assistance. In order to respond in a manner most helpful to you, please note the nature of your accessibility concern, the format in which you prefer to receive the material, the web page address of the requested material, and the best way to contact you.

Last modified: Dec 09, 2020