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Frequently Asked Questions

Nurse Academy participants Nurse Academy participants Nurse Academy participants

What is Nurse Academy?
Nurse Academy is a two-day program designed to introduce high school students and college freshmen to the profession of nursing through hands-on experiences and presentations.

Where is Nurse Academy?
Nurse Academy is held at The University of Kansas Medical Center in the Hospital and in the School of Nursing.

How many students can attend Nurse Academy?
Nurse Academy accepts between 45 and 50 students each year.

What is the application/registration process?
The application process is similar to applying to a school of nursing. An essay and letters of reference are required. Registration forms are included in the application packet. Applicants must submit the required documents by the deadline in order to be considered for the program.

Who leads Nurse Academy?
Nurses from The University of Kansas Hospital along with the support of the School of Nursing faculty lead the program.

What types of nursing will participants learn about?

Participants will learn about the following areas of nursing:
Burn Nursing
Emergency department
Infection Control
Labor and delivery
Medical surgical
Neonatal intensive care
Operating room

What are some of the hands-on experiences?

Assessment Skills
Emptying Drains
Hand Washing
Making an Occupied Bed
Starting an IV
Transferring from a bed to a wheelchair
Using Crutches
Vital Signs
Wound Care
Wrapping an Ankle

Can I attend Nurse Academy more than once?
Due to the limited number of participants accepted each year, students can only attend one time.

Do I have to attend both days?
Yes, participants must commit to attending both days. There is a waiting list of interested participants so attending only one day would take away their opportunity to attend both days.

Can I take pictures with my camera at Nurse Academy?
Due to privacy laws, you may not take pictures with your own camera. Nurse Academy faculty will be taking pictures throughout the program and will provide access to the pictures to participants.

Still have questions?
Please email us at:,

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018
Application Form

The Nurse Academy Application for 2021 is now available.

Please complete the application and submit all your application materials by Friday April 12, 2021.

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