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Mohammad Taha, MD

Mohammad Taha portrait
Associate Professor, General & Hospital Medicine

Professional Background

I chose my career as an academic hospitalist in large because of my passion for bed side teaching. I believe that a hands-on clinical encounter supervised by an expert teacher is worth tens of hours of classroom education.
Supervising medical students and internal medicine residents and discussing their assessment of each patient is my daily teaching routine. I enjoy providing learners a prompt feedback and shaping their clinical and communication skills.
I facilitate problem based learning lectures for first and second year medical students every year and I enjoy bringing refreshing clinical perspective to the group discussion. I also believe that certain case based learning in classroom is very valuable, thus I developed "antibiotics used in the hospital" which became an essential part of IM noon conference curriculum.
As an academic physician I believe in developing expertise in teaching certain topics. For me, I have passion teaching other physicians and health care providers about anemia management and anticoagulation medications. I use this expertise to teach those topics within our institution and in some regional and national conferences.

Clinic, Anemia Management Clinic. I performed above target in each of last 5 years
Between 7/2015 and 12/2016 for example I have discharged 471 patients
Mortality index is 0.31 which means compared to expected mortality my patients had three times higher chance of surviving.
Patient satisfaction during this time score 85.9 which rank 19 among KU physicians.
I passed the biannual billing Audit performed by KUPI compliance office 2013 –and again 2015 with perfect score.

I developed anemia management clinic workflow by working with billing, KUPI nursing, O2 support and KU anemia management service to establish a new robust anemia clinic.
2010 to 2021
Cofounder and Medical director of Mercy Health Free clinic in Jackson County
(2018 - Present)

Education and Training
  • MD, Doctor of Medicine, University of Damascus
  • Residency, University of Missouri at Kansas City, Kansa City, MO
Licensure, Accreditations & Certifications
  • American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Certificate of Patient Blood Management , Society of Advancement of Blood Management