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Megha Ramaswamy, PhD, MPH

Megha Ramaswamy portrait
Professor, Population Health

Professional Background

My approach to teaching is integrative and experiential — I draw a diverse group of students into my research as part of the pedagogical process, and use theory and fieldwork to impart sociological and public health principles to my students. In both of my MPH courses, I try to ground the students in sociological theory that helps explain social determinants of health, such as theory on intersectionality, inequality, and resistance. In both courses I send the students out for fieldwork to help them see theory in action, specifically in the field of public health. Class materials include a mix of theoretical work, ethnography, public health scholarly literature, documentary film, photography, and fiction. Course assignments reflect a similar level of diversity - writing research protocols, evaluation plans, film critiques, research papers, and short written and photo ethnographies.

Education and Training
  • PhD, City College of New York



My research has focused on how the intersection of urban living, race, class, and gender structure health and social risk for women and men involved in the criminal justice system. Current research addresses the social context for sexual and reproductive health risk among women leaving jail.

2R01 CA181047: Sexual Health Empowerment for Women's Health Literacy and Prevention
R01CA226838: Tri-City Cervical Cancer Prevention Study among Women in the Justice System
R01 CA181047: Sexual Health Empowerment for Cervical Health Literacy and Cancer Prevention
R21 CA204767: Correctional and Public Health Links to Bolster HPV Vaccine and Cancer Prevention
R03 CA162869: Understanding the Cervical Cancer Health Gap for Women in Jail
KL2TR000119-03: Social Context for Sexual Health Risk and Health Care Access among Women Leaving Jail