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Linda D'Silva, Ph.D., PT, NCS

Linda D'Silva portrait
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Athletic Training

Professional Background

Linda D'Silva, Ph.D., PT, NCS, is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Athletic Training. She is a board-certified specialist in neurologic physical therapy.

Her primary teaching responsibilities in the doctoral program in physical therapy include interventions and modalities used in physical therapy practice and ethics in physical therapy practice. She belongs to the Vestibular Special Interest Group and is a member of the Vestibular Hypofunction CPG Taskforce with the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy.

Academic Background
D'Silva studied physical therapy in Mumbai, India, where she earned a master's degree from the All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and bachelor's degree from King Edward Memorial Hospital. She earned her doctorate from KU in rehabilitation science in 2016. Her doctoral project examined the impact of type 2 diabetes on the vestibular system in people with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.



D'Silva's research interests are aimed at understanding the role of the vestibular system in healthy aging as well as the impact of vestibular dysfunction on physical function, in order to develop rehabilitation interventions to improve mobility. Currently she is examining the vestibular and cognitive deficits after mild traumatic brain injury and resulting consequences on mobility and balance.

Lab group
Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Laboratory
As director of the STABILITI lab, D'Silva is leading projects related to research on the vestibular system. The goal of this work is to advance clinical research in vestibular rehabilitation.