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Geriatric Interprofessional Assessment Clinic

The Geriatric Interprofessional Assessment Clinic (GIAC) is a clinic where students and faculty from six different disciplines (physical therapy, pharmacy, social work, occupational therapy, dietetics, and medicine) participate in the collaborative care of an older adult.  Patients will benefit from the clinical expertise of this team-based approach to care. 

Patients who can be seen in the GIAC include adults over the age of 60:

  • Managing complex, chronic illness(es)
  • Needing an evaluation for memory loss or other cognitive issues
  • Experiencing significant functional loss
  • Wishing to establish care at the Landon Center Geriatric Medicine clinic

Prospective patients can call 913-588-1204 to schedule an appointment. 

GIAC Faculty

GIAC Resources

Last modified: Mar 09, 2020