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Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC)

ECC-KUMC employee compensation compliance (ECC) solution, is an upgrade to our current ECert solution, allowing us to more effectively manage and simplify traditional effort reporting, project certification and payroll confirmation. KUMC Sponsored Programs Administration alongside Huron's research experts are working directly with our research community to review internal controls, policies and procedures, aligning institutional processes with Uniform Guidance requirements and implementing Huron's ECC solution. For research institutions, it is critical to mitigate the institutional risks associated with noncompliant documentation of personnel costs

This process is critical in meeting the federal documentation requirements identified in 2 CFR part 200.430 (Compensation - personal services), KUMC requires Principal Investigators with federal and federal pass-through awards to semi-annually review and confirm commitments for individuals charged to their awards through project statements.

Sponsored Programs Administration has been working with research community representatives in developing and testing this upgrade. We have set anticipated dates;

ECC Brown Bag General Information Session Tuesday 3/16/2021 12-1pm

ECC Manager (Effort Coordinators ) Live Zoom Session, Tuesday 4/13/2021 12-1 pm

ECC Pre-Review Open Live 4 /19 /2021

ECC Certifier Live Zoom Session, Thursday 5/16, 12-1 pm


Last modified: Mar 30, 2021