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Transfer Grant from KUMCRI

Most of the work to transfer your award from the University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute, Inc. (KUMCRI) to your new institution will be handled by the department chair's office, but the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) is responsible for formally relinquishing the award, if allowed by the sponsor.  In some cases, sponsors will not allow transfers and a new local Principle Investigator should be identified or the funds returned.  The instructions below are based on general NIH guidelines for relinquishing a grant to another institution.  Specific instructions should be obtained from the Program Officer or sponsor.  Please let SPA know if assistance is needed.

Contact information:

Sponsored Programs Administration, KUMCRI

Steps to transfer a NIH/DHHS grant(s) FROM KUMCRI to another institution

  1. Contact the NIH Grant Management Specialist (named on the Notice of Award document) regarding instructions for transferring the award to the new institution.  If there are specific instructions, please share them with the research administration office (RAO) contact at the new institution.
  2. Check with the RAO contact at the new institution regarding their requirements for submitting the transfer award.
  3. Before the award can be transferred, SPA must relinquish the award. The Official Statement Relinquishing Interests and Rights in a Public Health Research Grant (PHS 3734) and the Final Invention Statement forms will need to be completed and sent to NIH by SPA (
  4. Once SPA has verified the account balance for the award, the forms will be filled out and the signatures of the Financial Officer and the Authorized Institutional Official will be obtained.  SPA will submit the forms through the eRA Commons.
  5. A Federal Financial Report (FFR) will be due at NIH within 90 days of the end of the NIH support at KUMCRI.  The SPA Post-Award staff will take care of this.



Last modified: Jul 02, 2020