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Award Monitoring & Reporting

The NIH Welcome Wagon Letter summarizes important information and resources on managing NIH awards (

Additional information about managing awards, both federal and non-federal, can be found in this section, as well as the KUMCRI Post-Award Management Guidance [PDF]. Please be sure to reference the sponsor's website for additional guides and resources with information about managing awards.

General Guidelines on Research Spending

  • The Cost Principles
  • Project Personnel: Salary & Effort
  • Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC)
  • Expenditure Monitoring
  • Subaward Invoice Processing
  • Travel & Travel FAQs
  • Scientific Review and Monitoring of Cancer or Cancer-related Protocols and Research

Award Modifications

  • Carryover Request
  • Budget Reallocation/Re-budget
  • Expense Transfer Requests

Deliverables & Financial Reporting

  • NOA Requirements& Restrictions
  • Interim/Quarterly Technical Reports
  • Annual Research Performance Progress Reports
Last modified: Jul 30, 2021