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Roles and Responsibilities

SPA Roles Matrix

Proposal Routing Forms

KUMCRI Electronic Proposal Routing Sheet (e-PRS)
Electronic checklist for ALL applications/awards managed by SPA (Federal, State, Private and Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials) - RedCap

KUMCRI Internal Checklist for Non-Competing Renewals (Annual Progress Report)
To be used ONLY for non-competing renewals/progress reports (when future funding was previously requested).  Requests for new funding requires a new ePRS.

Late Proposal Submission Request
Chair or Center Director's signature is required when a proposal (including subaward with deadlines) is submitted to SPA with less than 2 working days for review.


KUMCRI - Letter of Support
Use when institutional applicant information is not clear on application forms.  Provides institutional approval of application and KUMCRI contact information.




Required for PIs submitting an externally funded grant submission [xls]

Cost Sharing Key Personnel
Costs committed that are not being born by the sponsor (excluding salary cap cost share), but will be covered by the university or other 3rd party entity.  For key personnel, cost share memo is required every year that cost share is proposed and must be received prior to award.  
Cost Sharing Policy

Cost Sharing Non-Key Personnel
This confirmation is needed prior to annual progress report submission when the effort to be reported is not supported by the SPA confirmed payroll charge from the grant* and effort for non-key personnel* will be reported at a level higher than can be supported by charges to the grant. 
Cost Sharing Policy

Budget Reallocation Request

(See Prior Approval Requirements for re-budgeting guidelines)

To request budget reallocation from one category and/or SpeedType to another.


Career Development Salary Calculator

This calculator may be used to be informed of actual payroll and cost share percentages when the sponsor imposes a maximum salary charge and requires a minimum level of effort.



Subrecipient Versus Contractor Determination Form
Form to help determine subrecipient versus contractor

KUMCRI Subrecipient Letter of Intent [FDP Pilot LOI - Blank]

(SHORT FORM for institutions taking part in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse)

LOI to establish a subaward agreement with KUMC Research Institute

Commitment Form to Establish a Subaward Agreement with KUMCRI 

(LONG FORM for non-FDP sub-awardee)

Commitment form to establish a subaward agreement with KUMC Research Institute.



FDP Pilot LOI Subaward with Other on RI Letterhead

When KUMCRI is a subaward



Prior Authorizations, Effort and Other Support

Request for Investigator Status
Non-faculty member who wishes to be named as PI on a proposal must complete this form. See PI Eligibility Policy.


Smartsheet Other Support & Effort [pdf]


Effort Change Calculator [xls]


Committed Effort Change Request - Key Personnel on Grant

To request approval of the change in effort of 25% or more for key personnel on grants.


Other Support Request

To request Other Support for key personnel on grants.



Accounts & Account Modifications

Provision Spending Account:  Request approval to establish a grant account with authority to begin the minimal expenditures to start the project prior to the anticipated effective date.  Applicable form from below should be signed and attached to this REQUEST FORM which will notify SPA to initiate the account set-up process.


To request approval to spend funds prior to receiving notice of grant award.

To create a speed type on a private, non-federal award prior to receipt of sponsor payment.


*** Completed and signed form should be submitted to SPA using the REQUEST FORM link above ***


Internal Grant Request

Use this form to request an account for a non-sponsored account.  This includes ONLY projects funded from department funding, KUEA funds, or F&A Residual Accounts  AND that are not related to an NIH awarded project.


Request for No Cost Extension

Electronically submits your requests to SPA to extend your grant beyond the project period end date.



Accounts Payable/Purchasing Information

Blank W-9
IRS form used to request a Tax Identification or Social Security Number from a Vendor

Contractual Services Form
Required when paying a non-employee for services performed, even if the person provides an invoice

Direct Deposit/ACH Form
Form to use for setting up Direct Deposit or ACH

Non-Resident Alien Summary Form
To document immigration status of non-resident aliens receiving payments from the RI for U.S. tax reporting purposes


Human Subjects/Participants

CR Clincard Subject/Participant Payment System Policy Information


Subject Incentive Tracker
Subject Incentive Tracker must be filled out after submitting gift cards to research subjects

Closing Studies

HSC Closure and Financial Reconciliation Forms


PHS 398 Form Page 1
(Face Page) for the Research Institute (WORD)

NIH Forms


Compliance Links

Animal Care
Conflict of Interest
Human Subjects


Last modified: Mar 31, 2021