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Research Institute

Mission Statement

The mission of the Research Institute is to support the research enterprise and to promote and support scientific discovery by providing the best quality service possible to our faculty, staff and students.

Goals and Objectives

  • Serve KUMC by promoting and operating at the highest level in providing a customer service environment, yet recognizing our fiduciary responsibility and upholding ethical standards.
  • Foster relationships among individual, multiple and consortium partnerships on behalf of KUMC researchers at the local, state, national and international biomedical research communities.
  • Foster relationships among our researchers and the technology transfer community, capitalizing on our discovery through research opportunities with the private sector.
  • Facilitate cooperative and productive research partnerships, both domestically and internationally among KUMC, KU-Lawrence, research centers and other bioscience organizations throughout the Kansas and the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Last modified: Jul 23, 2021