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OIO services are designed to:

  • Strengthen leadership structures, alignment and communication
  • Develop and execute on strategic goals and initiatives
  • Understand and meet customer requirements
  • Collect, analyze and share data in support of decision making
  • Develop and engage the workforce
  • Understand and improve processes
  • Identify and share results

Our key services include:

Strategic and Departmental Planning

  • Institutional strategic planning
  • Planning for schools, departments and programs, which is aligned to KUMC's mission, vision and goals

Project Management

  • Business analysis and project management
  • Process analysis, documentation, design and redesign

Professional Development and Workforce Engagement

  • CliftonStrengths - individual and team coaching from a Gallup-certified Strengths coach.
  • The Jayhawk Way - foundational and advanced programs
  • SocialStyles - coaching and facilitation


  • Focus groups
  • Liberating Structures

Last modified: Mar 19, 2021