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Vice Chancellor for Administration

Steffani Webb

A message from Steffani Webb, MBA:

Since becoming Vice Chancellor for Administration on June 30, 2011, I have been honored to lead what is shaping up to be a profound transformation at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Several initiatives are moving the medical center toward its goal of becoming a more efficient and effective organization that will provide leadership to shape the future of health and health care. Our Strategic Planning and Changing for Excellence projects, as well our PeopleSoft Upgrade Project and a Facilities Master Planning effort are all aligned to lead us toward optimizing our resources to align them with our strategic priorities. I am particularly focused on meeting goals E and F on our strategic map.

The central support services departments overseen by my office are reorganizing to be leaner, more efficient, and more effective in providing outstanding service to the KU Medical Center community. It is an exciting time to be here, and I look forward to keeping faculty, staff and students up-to-date on the transformational changes underway.

Specific areas in which the KU Medical Center community has seen recent changes:

"Leading the Jayhawk Way"

In September 2012, a total of 168 supervisors, managers and other leaders in 16 major units began an intensive leadership training program to develop new tools to build a culture of excellence at KU Medical Center. The first round of training involved people from: Administrative Services; Communications; Compliance; Enterprise Analytics; the EVC's office; Facilities; Human Resources; Information Resources; Institutional Finance; the Laboratory Animal Facility; the new Office of Organizational Improvement; Police, Parking and Landscaping; Research Operations; and Student Services.

Our guiding principles:

1. KU Medical Center is a place of teaching and learning, research and discovery, caring and healing, outreach and service.
2. We believe in possibilities. And we focus on them intently.
3. Our leaders are inspiring.
4. Our employees are awesome.
5. Our organization is a great place to be, and it gets better every day.

The Baldridge Quality Improvement Program

In the fall of 2012, several departments on the Kansas City campus began to implement the principles of the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Improvement Program, a division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the U.S. Department of Commerce. This is a tested, proven program for improving the way organizations function. The Baldrige Criteria provide a validated, comprehensive management approach that focuses on results in all areas, organizational and personal learning, and knowledge sharing. By adopting this approach, Support Services, Student Services and other departments at KU Medical Center will continuously improve service to the campus.

Human Resources

Under the leadership of Chari J. Young, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, our Human Resources Department is transforming itself from a transactional and gate-keeping entity into a strategic business partner that supports and provides a high level of personalized service to departments, faculty, and staff. Its focus is to recruit, hire, train, and retain great employees.

University of Kansas Medical Center Police Department

The KU Medical Center Police Department has a proud history of excellence and providing value-added services to the University and KU Hospital community. On March 24, 2012, after a three-year process, the department was awarded full accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Currently, there are only four Kansas law enforcement agencies of any type or size that have achieved CALEA accreditation.

Instructional Services/Teaching & Learning Technologies

In March 2012, Instructional Services integrated with Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) to create a single unit focused on supporting the various uses of technology to further KU Medical Center's educational mission. Overseen by Dave Antonacci, Teaching and Learning Technologies now combines the natural synergies of the two previous groups.

Enterprise Analytics

Russ Waitman, Ph.D., began a new role as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Analytics in February 2012. He is leading the department as it continues to evolve into a comprehensive source of accessible and transformative information for our campus community.

Since arriving at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 2010 to serve as Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Director of Medical Informatics, Dr. Waitman has worked with colleagues across the schools and campuses to build a data warehouse that now serves as the information structure for clinical research. Dr. Waitman will continue to serve in his existing roles, while blending the informatics and analytics functions into what he hopes will be a seamless and comprehensive source of data for increased efficiency and strategic decision-making campus-wide.

Occupational/Employee Health Clinic

In June 2012, the operations and management of the Occupational/Employee Health Clinic was transferred from the university to the hospital. The location of the clinic in the Delp Pavilion and all services provided by the clinic remain the same. However, the transition has brought about improvements that will better serve our employees and other patients.

Are We Making Progess Surveys 

    The Are We Making Progess surveys are useful tools in identifying areas of alignment and areas that call for improvement. These are simple to administer, provide a good basis for discussion, and can serve as a to-do list for departments seeking stronger alignment and better communication. Feel free to contact OIO if you have questions about how to use to the surveys.

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