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Become a Member of the KU ADC

Purpose  In order to facilitate advancement of care or research on brain aging and dementia, the KU ADC maintains a membership program open to anyone who meets one of the following criteria:

  • Local or regional clinicians and investigators who are contributing to work that further develops the KU ADC mission of advancing care, treatment, or prevention of AD, brain aging, and neurodegenerative disorders. 


Benefits of Membership  Membership opens access to the following resources:

  • Curated longitudinal data and biospecimens on over 400 individuals, characterized annually.
  • Neuroimaging data and expertise.
  • Well-characterized human participants for recruitment into studies.
  • Educational and training opportunities and materials.
  • Mitochondrial and metabolic expertise.
  • Neuropathological support and human brain tissue.
  • Data management and project design support.
  • Trainees and mentoring opportunities through our Kansas Dementia and Aging Research Training Program.
  • Pilot Project funding (available to Members with a KU affiliation).

Responsibilities of Membership 

  • Acknowledge use of KU ADC facilities, cores, space or assistance (when appropriate) in research publications, presentations and new grant submissions (P30 AG035982, PI Swerdlow).
  • Update the KU ADC  annually of publications, presentations and new grant submissions.
  • Actively participate in the research and education programs.
  • Develop interactions with other KU ADC members as measured by joint publications, joint grants, or joint research activities.
  • Review KU ADC Pilot Program applications.

Contact Anne Arthur,, for more information.

Last modified: Feb 23, 2021