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Neuropathology Core

The Neuropathology Core collects, characterizes, stores, and distributes brain tissue from Clinical Core autopsy participants, consisting of well characterized individuals with Alzheimer's disease or related disorders and aged control individuals without neurological disease. This highly annotated brain tissue is provided to committed researchers to support the highest quality research in Alzheimer's, brain aging and related disorders.

Neuropathology services are also available to assist investigators studying animal models of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.

The role of the Neuropathology Core is to:

  • Perform diagnostic neuropathological evaluations using standardized protocols on postmortem brains from clinically characterized subjects, essential to all related studies of these subjects and correlations with other Alzheimer's Disease Centers

  • Prepare brain tissue for research in Alzheimer's disease and related disorders

  • Provide equivalent neuropathologic services to animal-based researchers studying animal models of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders

Last modified: Jan 13, 2021
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