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KU ADC Cores

The KU ADC supports work that further advances care, treatment, or prevention of AD, brain aging, and neurodegenerative disorders. Our Research Division is organized into 7 cores that provide research services. Researchers are encouraged to core leaders directly for information on available services and consultation.

Unique to the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center are the core research areas of Mitochondrial Genomics and Metabolism and Neuroimaging. The KU ADC has successfully developed and recruited leading researchers from around the country who are applying state-of-the-art brain imaging techniques and in advancing research in cell metabolism in older adults.

The KU ADC has established itself as a pioneer in research that seeks to understand relationships that exist between our genes, the structural changes that take place in the brain as we age, and Alzheimer's disease.

Last modified: Feb 23, 2021
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