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How to Provide Financial Support to KU ADC

One of the most important goals of the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center is to develop strategies to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease or prevent it entirely. Private philanthropy is a critical component of achieving this mission.

Fundraising priorities

  • Alzheimer's Prevention Program: This program bridges research and clinical care to promote wellness in older adults while creating an advanced research environment to develop and test Alzheimer's disease prevention strategies
  • Alzheimer's Treatment Program: The development of new, more effective treatments for Alzheimer's disease

Ways to give

There are several different ways that you can give and join us in fighting Alzheimer's disease and searching for treatments and a cure.

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Secure online giving: 
KU Endowment

By mail:
(Make checks payable to: KU Endowment - KU Alzheimer's Disease Center)
KU Endowment
c/o Lindsay Hummer
Mail Stop 3012 
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160

Memorial donations: In the event of the death of a loved one, you may make a gift to honor their memory by giving to the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center. Please contact KU Endowment for more information or to receive customized memorial donation cards and business reply envelopes. All donors will receive a receipt from KU Endowment for tax deduction purposes.
* Please make all donations payable to: "KU Endowment - Alzheimer's Disease Center (09547)"

Endowed funds: An endowed fund can make your influence last for generations. These funds can support research, education or patient care in perpetuity. When you endow a fund, you may name it after yourself, or you may name it to honor and pay tribute to mentors or loved ones. The minimum contribution for establishing an endowed fund is based on the amount of support needed for the fund's purpose. For purposes such as providing resources for a research or patient education project, you may establish an endowed fund with a minimum $30,000 gift. An endowed research professorship to provide salary support, staff, laboratory equipment or supplies can be created for a minimum of $1 million.

Expendable funds: Expendable funds provide readily available resources and are used for the purpose designated by the donor until exhausted. Expendable funds may support a special research project, clinic need or a patient education activity. Donors may establish a new expendable fund with a minimum contribution of $5,000.

Planned gifts: You can create a fund to benefit the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center in the future by establishing a bequest to KU Endowment through your will or living trust or naming KU Endowment as the beneficiary of your IRA or retirement plan today. Other gifts, such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts, provide steady, secure income and immediate tax benefits for you, the donor, and ultimately provide support for the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center.

For more information, please contact:
Lindsay Hummer

Development Director, Neurosciences

KU Endowment is the independent, nonprofit corporation that serves as the official fundraising and fund management foundation for the University of Kansas. Founded in 1891, KU Endowment was the first Foundation of its type at a public university in the United States.

Last modified: Feb 23, 2021
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For additional information,
please contact:
Dr. Jeffrey Burns 

For more information,
please contact:
Lindsay Hummer

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