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Michelle Niedens, LSCSW


Michelle Niedens, LSCSW, is director of MyAlliance for Cognitive Health, a community-based program focused on early detection, provider partnerships, and education. Ms. Niedens received her Bachelor's degree in social work from the University of Kansas in 1984, followed by her Master's degree in 1989. She completed clinical mentorship and holds clinical social work licenses in Kansas and Missouri.

Ms. Niedens career is dedicated to working with elders and those with Alzheimer's disease. Her work has included tenure in geriatric psychiatric inpatient settings, serving as Director of Education, Programs, and Policy at the Alzheimer's Association, Heart of America Chapter, along with teaching social work practice at the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare.

Ms. Niedens special interests include assessment and intervention for associated neuropsychiatric challenges and advancing programs and services for individuals living with early-stage dementia. She has participated in regional and state-wide efforts with both of these areas of interest and has been a part of efforts to advance understanding of dual diagnosis of Alzheimer's and intellectual/developmental disabilities, as well as those with both dementia and a persistent mental health diagnosis.

Through the KU Memory Clinic, Ms. Niedens provides counseling to individuals with mild cognitive impairment or early stage Alzheimer's disease, along with family members who are struggling with caregiving-related anxiety and depression.

Last modified: Jan 13, 2021