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About the KU ADC

NIH Alzheimer Disease Centers mapped on the US map

In 2011, the National Institute of Aging (NIA) named the University of Kansas Alzheimer's Disease Center a nationally designated and funded Alzheimer's Disease Center. On September 2016, the NIA renewed the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center's national designation. The KU Alzheimer's Disease Center (KU ADC) is one of just 31 such centers in the United States. Read the news release. The KU ADC has a Research Division and a separate Memory Care Clinic. 

Watch our video below to learn more about the ADC and read our commitment to "A Center for Everyone".


Research Division

KU ADC scientists have received international attention for research on how various lifestyle factors, including fitness and physical activity, affect normal aging and Alzheimer's disease. Much of the work at the KU ADC investigates how energy is produced for the brain and how energy production changes with age and Alzheimer's. Our Research Division brings the latest clinical trials to Kansas City and tests the newest medicines.

Discovery and Innovation Studies: Our discovery and innovation studies offer participants an opportunity to learn how current behavioral and environmental factors may play a role in the development and progression of Alzheimer's disease. These studies are primarily observational and do not affect study outcomes through intervention.

Investigational Medicine Trials: Our Alzheimer's Clinical Trials team (ACT) specializes in studies that involve investigational medications for the treatment or prevention of Alzheimer’s and related diseases. These trials offer participants an opportunity to access investigational medications not available to the general public.

Exercise and Lifestyle Intervention Trials: Our Physical Health Intervention Team (PHIT) conducts studies that involve interventions such as exercise, diet and other aspects of lifestyle. The PHIT team works closely with partners at the YMCA of Greater Kansas City and Genesis Health Clubs to conduct many of the prevention trials.

Memory Care Clinic

The KU ADC's Memory Care Clinic is the region's premier clinic specializing in disorders like Alzheimer's, Frontotemporal dementia and Lewy Body dementia. We have world class specialists that help families manage diagnosis and treatment. 

Last modified: May 26, 2021