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3D Printing

3D printing at KUMC

The Graphics & illustration center offers 3D printing as one of the core services. Whether one needs to render data into a tangible form, repair difficult-to-obtain parts for scientific equipment, or develop an invention or tool in biomedical research, we have the resources to bring your vision to reality.

Printing out three dimensional models of the prepore and pore structures of the Anthrax toxin pore translocon: 

These models have provided a literal "hands on" approach in my discussions of the conformational changes in protein structure for this important toxin transition.  These models were taken to invited lectures to discuss our research and used as educational props.  

3d Printing


The Imaging core can design model complex objects using AutoCad and other computer aid Design software.

a Digital Model of a Coclea for
Dr. Mark Chertoff

The core utilizes a Makerbot Replicator 2X to produce virtually any form or color in ABS plastic.

The core also offers the ability to scan and copy complex objects for the purposes of recreation in the 3D printer.
A human vertebrathat was scanned for 3d printing multiple copies for teaching applications

3D printing at KUMC


Conversion of MRI and CT scan DATA into printable form.
3D graphic development of objects to be printed using 3D doctor, Autocad and Rhino 5.0
The Ability to Scan 3D objects into 3D printable form.
Industrial Design services to help develop and prototype a new research device or tool.

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Last modified: Jul 26, 2018