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Having clear visual communication of your topic is at the heart of most successful publications.
The Graphics & Illustration core provides access to a variety of talent and resources to give your publications the edge they need.


To provide top quality illustration and graphics services with the latest technology.

Medical, Scientific & Technical illustration for publication.
Poster and book layout and design
Large format printing.
3D printing and engineering.


Service KUMC non-KUMC
Large Format Printing (paper) $7/sq ft $10.50/sq ft
Large Format Printing (fabric) $10/sq ft $15/sq ft
Lamination $1.50/sq ft $2.25/sq ft
Illustration and Design Labor (projects requiring layout or illustration services) $70/hr $105/hr
3D Printer $10/in³ + labor $15/in³

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The Graphics & illustration center offers 3D printing as one of the core services. Whether one needs to render data into a tangible form, repair parts for rare scientific equipment, or develop and invention or tool in biomedical research we have the resources to bring your vision to reality.

The core utilizes a Makerbot Replicator 2X to produce virtually any form and color in ABS plastic.

Conversion of MRI and CT scan DATA into printable form.
3D graphic development of objects to be printed using 3D doctor, Autocad and Rhino 5.0
The Ability to Scan 3D objects into 3D printable form.
Industrial Design services to help develop and prototype a new research device or tool.

Last modified: Apr 01, 2020