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EchoMRI for Body Composition Analysis

The EchoMRITM 1100 Analyzer delivers precise body composition measurements of fat, lean, free water, and total water masses in tissues and live animals weighing from 1 to 1100 grams.  Scanning takes less than 2 minutes, and anesthesia is not required. 


Promethion Indirect Calorimetry System
The Promethion Indirect Calorimetry system provides metabolic and behavioral measures for up to 8 rats or 8 mice at one time. Metabolism and behavior are monitored continuously on a second to second basis and macros are provided for data analysis. Outcome measures include oxygen consumption (energy expenditure) carbon dioxide production, respiratory exchange ratio, ambulatory activity, sleep duration, food intake, water intake. The system also has running wheels if needed.

                                                 Promethion Indirect Calorimetry System


A 12-24 cage BioDaq system is currently being acquired through a KUMC School of Medicine Research Equipment and Resource Procurement Award (ERPA).  

The BioDAQ Food and Liquid Intake Monitor (BioDAQ) is a home cage based instrument that automatically collects and records an animal's native feeding and drinking behavior. The singly  housed animal can live chronically in the BioDAQ. Feeding and drinking modules are adapted to standard laboratory cages. Liquid preference testing can also be performed. Cages and hardware can be cleaned using standard animal facility procedures.
Biodaq ImageBiodaq Image2

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018