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Metabolic Facility

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Maintained under the umbrella of the KIDDRC pre-clinical models Core, the Metabolic and Obesity Research Phenotyping (MORPh) facility exists to provide investigators with state of the art tools for measuring body composition, energy metabolism, and feeding behavior in the intact rodent. Access to the facilities can be granted once training is completed.  Alternatively, facility staff can conduct full service testing.  An approved ACUP outlining metabolic endpoints is required prior to utilizing the equipment or services. The facility is available in a fee-for-use capacity to KUMC as well as non-KUMC investigators once appropriate arrangements have been implemented.  Portions of the facility reside in space furnished and supported by Laboratory Animal Resources. The MORPh is financially supported by the KIDDRC NIH U54 HD 090216 and the NIH IDeA NIGMS P20GM103418.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018