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Jeffrey A. Thompson, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Thompson portrait
Associate Professor, Biostatistics & Data Science

Chief Research Informatics Officer, Chief Research Informatics Officer

Professional Background

Jeffrey A. Thompson received his PhD in Quantitative Biomedical Science from Dartmouth College, focusing on the application of machine learning and data integration techniques to molecular epidemiology. He is PI of the Curated Cancer Clinical Outcomes Database (C3OD) for the KU Cancer Center. C3OD integrates information from electronic medical records, a tumor registry, a biospecimen repository, and a clinical trial management system to facilitate cancer research by providing easy-to-use software for feasibility projection for cancer studies, automated clinical trial pre-screening, and detailed search capabilities for biospecimens, among other capabilities. Additionally, Dr. Thompson is leveraging his expertise in deep learning to develop natural language processing capabilities for handling the unstructured data that is inherent to electronic medical records. Furthermore, Dr. Thompson co-directs a team of informaticists and data scientists that are working to create, deploy, and integrate a world-class set of tools for all aspects of research, including data collection, clinical trial management, accrual monitoring, screening, research drug dispensation, and more. As Associate Director of the Quantitative Omics Core for the Kansas Institute of Precision Medicine COBRE, he helps support a range of precision medicine projects and is working to develop new methods for interrogating genomic data to gain a more holistic understanding of disease.

Education and Training
  • BS, Computer Science, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME
  • PhD, Quantitative Biomedical Science, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
Professional Affiliations
  • American Statistical Association, Member, 2017 - Present



Dr. Thompson's research covers two areas. The first area is in facilitate clinical research through improving research informatics infrastructure. In part, this involves developing intuitive informatics tools for researchers to use, such as C3OD, but it also involves work to extract meaningful information from unstructured data using machine learning (e.g. automatic extraction of data from notes in the EHR). The second area is in statistical genomics, for which Dr. Thompson is researching ways to create holistic cancer models that integrate a range of molecular data to improve prognostic modeling, and help us to better understand cancer etiology.

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