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Jennifer Liebenthal, M.D.

Jennifer Liebenthal portrait
Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurology

Professional Background

Jennifer Liebenthal, M.D., is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Dr. Liebenthal, who joined the faculty in 2021, specializes in sleep medicine.

After completing medical school and an internship in internal medicine at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, Dr. Liebenthal finished a neurology residency at the University of Chicago, where she also completed a fellowship in clinical neurophysiology. She received additional fellowship training in sleep medicine at Stanford University.

Dr. Liebenthal's clinical interests include a wide range of sleep disorders, such as sleep disordered breathing (e.g., obstructive sleep apnea), parasomnias (e.g., REM Sleep Behavior Disorder), insomnia, hypersomnias (e.g., narcolepsy), restless legs syndrome and circadian rhythm disorders. She is certified in neurology and sleep medicine by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.