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Jeannine R. Goetz, Ph.D., RD, LD

Jeannine Goetz portrai
Director, Dietetic Internship Graduate Certificate Program, Dietetics and Nutrition

Director, Dietetics and Integrative Medicine Graduate Certificate, Dietetics and Nutrition

Associate Professor, Dietetics and Nutrition

Professional Background

Jeannine Goetz, Ph.D., RD, LD, is a registered dietitian and has more than ten years of experience working within the research field with expertise in weight management, food security and dietary assessment. She is responsible for teaching courses DN/DIET 876 Interventions for the Prevention and Management of Obesity and DN 819 Scientific Writing for the Nutritional Sciences.

Goetz currently serves as program director for KU’s collaboration in the distance-learning master’s in dietetics and nutrition program through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance. She also serves as director of the certificate program in dietetics and integrative medicine and the dietetic internship graduate certificate program. In addition to her responsibilities in the department, Goetz is also the assistant director for the KU Weight Control Research Project.

Academic Background
Goetz received a bachelor’s degree in dietetics in 2001 from the University of Central Missouri and completed her dietetic internship and master’s degree in dietetics and nutrition at the University of Kansas in 2003.

While working as a research associate and serving as a project coordinator for several externally funded grants, Goetz completed her doctorate in therapeutic science from KU in 2008. She then joined the KU Department of Dietetics and Nutrition as a faculty member and serves as director of the dietetic internship graduate certificate program.



Providing nutrition expertise through a weight management program entitled Project RENEW (Recovering Energy Through Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Loss), Goetz's research has focused on helping to improve the quality of life and overall health of individuals with serious mental illness. The scope of her research has expanded to address food insecurity among this vulnerable population. As assistant director of the Weight Control Research Project, Goetz collaborates with researchers from the Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management/Energy Balance Laboratory.

Her current research projects include the following:
A weight management intervention tailored to provide the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to increase food security while also addressing other barriers of low income women;
Effectiveness of alternative delivery systems for weight management interventions (group- based phone conference calls, Second Life);
A behavioral and lifestyle intervention to encourage overweight/obese pregnant women to gain within the IOM gestational weight gain recommendations;
Evaluation of novel methods for weight reduction and prevention of weight regain in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities;
Impact of different structured weight loss diet intensities (low calorie diet vs. very low calorie diet) on obstructive sleep apnea severity;
Evaluation of the efficacy and public health impact of 3 different exercise regimens to prevent weight regain following weight loss.