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Jordan Borrell, Ph.D.

Jordan Borrell portrait
Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy Education

Professional Background

An assistant professor in the KU Department of Occupational Therapy Education, Jordan Borrell, Ph.D., joined the faculty at KU Medical Center in March 2023. He currently also serves as mentor to an interdisciplinary mix of doctoral students in the therapeutic science program.

Borrell started his academic career at Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska, and completed a bachelor's degree in physics. He subsequently attended the University of Kansas where he attained both a master's degree and a doctorate in bioengineering.

For his doctoral training, Borrell worked with the KU School of Medicine's Randolph Nudo, Ph.D., FAHA, a renowned expert in the brain’s self-repair capacity after injury and key developer of novel therapeutic approaches based on neuroscientific principles.

As a research associate during his post-doctoral training, Borrell conducted clinical applications of assistive/prosthetic devices as a use-dependent rehabilitation strategy under the supervision of Jorge Zuniga, Ph.D., at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Here he translated knowledge of preclinical studies into clinical studies working with children with congenital upper limb reduction.



Currently Borrell conducts research focusing on the neural plasticity that occurs after amputation and the neuromuscular rehabilitation strategies, such as utilizing the phantom limb, prosthetic/assistive devices and deafferented cortex, in order to improve the quality of life in individuals with trauma to the central and peripheral nervous systems.