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Frequently Asked Questions

 Rural Health Education and Services Kansas Locum Tenens frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  • KLT: Kansas resident physicians, fellows, and KU School of Medicine faculty from all campuses.
  • KLT+: Practicing physicians and other health care providers.

Hospitals, clinics, ERs, and urgent care facilities in rural and urban underserved Kansas communities.

  • KLT only covers for Primary Care and utilizes resident physicians, fellows and faculty
  • KLT+ covers for Primary or Specialty care and utilizes practicing providers
  • All KLT/KLT+ providers must have the required Kansas license to participate (medical, resident active, nursing, etc.), DEA certificate, medical professional liability insurance, NPI, certifications (varies), CAQH highly recommended.
  • Resident physicians must also have completed Step 3, one year of residency, and have Program Director approval.

Yes, at the discretion of the residency program director.

  • Most KLT coverages occur over the weekend or on holidays. Most range from 24-60 hours on an on-call basis.
  • KLT+ coverages range from short- to long-term depending on need.

Yes, KLT providers are required to report all locum tenens/moonlighting activities in duty hour reports. Rural Health Education and Services helps with scheduling to comply with ACGME duty hour rules and requires off-site lodging to be provided.

Complete the Register as a Provider online form.

Before applying for sponsorship, a resident/fellow must be an approved KLT provider. The KLT Insurance Form may be completed after a provider is accepted to provide coverage through KLT. 

Organizations set their own competitive rates based on fair market value that are 100% paid to the provider.

Please direct inquiries to Rural Health Education and Services at 316-293-2649 or The organization needs to be set up as a KLT site. Rural Health Education and Services does not charge an administrative fee and organizations set their own KLT rates based on fair market value.

RHES offers administrative services to temporary coverage providers by sharing coverage opportunities, managing required documentation, and assisting with completing contracts and forms.

RHES does not charge an administrative fee to health care organizations. All providers are paid directly.

Community Engagement

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