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Outreach Aircraft

The Outreach Aircraft Program provides transportation for KU Medical Center providers and faculty to various locations statewide for education, research and service activities.

About Outreach Aircraft

Our flights ensure that KU Medical Center can meet the health care needs of local communities and the state in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Activities include community-engaged research projects, health professional community education, rural student education, student outreach activities, grant planning meetings and other related community-engagement functions. 

Types of Flights

At this time, the Outreach Aircraft will no longer have regularly scheduled flights to pre-determined locations in Kansas.  Instead, flights will be scheduled and coordinated upon request.  These requests should align with community engagement activities described above and will be funded by Outreach Aircraft central funds.  Flights that are funded through central funds will meet community engagement guidelines and have a minimum of 4 passengers.  Other approval criteria, such as distance of flight, may be applied depending on the request.  To request a flight, complete the flight request form (XLS).

Special flights for administrative, internal KUMC business purposes or other needs unrelated to community engagement may also be requested.  If approved these special flights will be funded by the individual, department or school making the request. The 2022-2023 rate per special flight is currently approximately $5,240 per hour and the total cost will be billed to the requesting entity via two separate invoices per KU Aviation Services policy.       

Flight Request and Usage Procedures

To request a community engagement or special flight for your project or department, complete a flight request form (XLS) and email it to Lori Montgomery, Scheduling Officer, KU Aviation Services.  Upon receipt the form and description will be routed for review and approval, including a funding decision.  The Scheduling Officer will coordinate details of the flight and may request additional information if needed.

With both types of flights, if you are the first person to reserve a seat on the flight, you will be designated as the after-hours contact person. As the after-hours contact person, the pilot will contact you in the event of any change in the flight schedule. Furthermore, the after-hours contact person is responsible for taking all necessary steps to inform the passengers, destination site, ground transportation and any other affected entities of changes to the original flight plans.

The week prior to a flight, the Scheduling Officer will call to confirm all flight information and follow up with an itinerary that includes departure and arrival times, terminal locations, plane and pilot information. If there are not at least 4 travelers for a flight, the flight may be canceled.

All flights for KUMC from Kansas City depart from the Kansas City Downtown Airport. All flights for the Wichita campus will depart from the Wichita Jabara Airport.  Specific terminal locations and addresses for the available aircraft will be included on the flight itinerary provided by the Scheduling Officer. 


For questions or additional information about the Outreach Aircraft, contact Dr. Ryan Spaulding, (913.588.2251) Vice Chancellor, Institute for Community Engagement, or Lori Montgomery, (785.864.4694) Scheduling Officer, KU Aviation Services.

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