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The AHEC and its partners hold providerships to award credit for physicians, nurses, emergency medical services and more. We provide education that is tailored to the needs of our partners. We emphasize interprofessional continuing education, which brings together members from two or more health care professions to learn with, from and about each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes for patients. 

Our Services

The AHEC can assist in the coordination of health care continuing education programs in a variety of formats. 

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

RSS programs are planned as a series with multiple, ongoing sessions. These may occur weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, and they are planned and presented to your organization’s professional staff.

Some examples of common RSS include:

  • Grand Rounds: Grand rounds are formal presentations by an expert on a clinical, medical or surgical issue, in the presence of health care professionals.

  • Tumor Boards: A tumor board is a group of health care professionals that meets regularly to discuss cancer cases and share knowledge. The board's goal is to determine the best possible cancer treatment and care plan for an individual patient.

  • Cardiovascular Cases Conference: A cardio case conference is a scheduled meeting held concurrently between various health care providers from different professions or specializations to discuss a patient’s cardio issues in detail and to coordinate care plans.

  • Ethics Conferences: Health care ethics is the collection of principles that guide health care professionals in providing medical care. It combines moral beliefs with a sense of the provider's duty toward others. Health care ethics establishes how providers treat patients.

  • Morbidity & Mortality Conferences: The goal of morbidity and mortality conferences is to provide a forum for health care professionals and students to explore the management details of cases wherein morbidity or mortality occurred.

Conferences and Symposiums

Conferences and symposiums are educational events that are open to a larger audience. These events typically center around a common topic, but that can have multiple areas of focus. Conferences and symposiums can be single-day or multi-day events and can be scheduled one time or annually.

One-day conference events bring experts together to present issues, research, current trends, etc., about the symposium topic to educate and inform participants.

Multi-day conference events allow in-depth advanced session opportunities for learning from experts about the symposium topic.


Webinar series are web-based, online educational events with multiple sessions addressing that typically focus on a common topic. A webinar series can provide the same amount of content offered in a one-day conference without requiring the participants to sacrifice an entire day away from their clinic/office. 

Independent Study

The health care industry does not always provide opportunities for professionals to attend educational events when they are planned. The AHEC can assist in the development of continuing education activities that the participant can access online and work through at their own pace on their own time. We can record a live presentation and convert it to an independent study course, or we can build an independent study course from the ground up. 

In addition to assisting with event planning, the AHEC can also help with event marketing. The AHEC offers a multitude of customized marketing services including email, brochure development and more.

Printed Materials
  • Development of save-the-date
  • Development of event flyer/brochure
    • Single-page flyer
    • Tri-fold brochure
    • Multi-page brochure
  • Printing and mail distribution to a targeted list based on region and practice discipline
  • Easel signs, sponsor/exhibitor signage, directional signage
Electronic Materials
  • Development of save-the-date
  • Development of event flyer/brochure
  • Email distribution
    • Mailing list generation
      • Targeted list based on region and practice discipline
    • Distribution to provided mailing list
Social Media
  • Generation of event page on Facebook and Twitter
  • Sharing of event on Facebook and Twitter
Other Media
  • Development/distribution of promotional video
  • Custom event landing pages

We will also investigate other marketing avenues at the request of the client.

Interprofessional Education

Get to know a bit more about our approach to developing educational opportunities that are designed to meet the needs of and address the experiences of all members of the health care team. 

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Let us help you

The KU Medical Center Area Health Education Center provides high-quality educational opportunities for health care professionals in communities across the state. We invite potential partners to contact our staff to see how we can help you with your continuing education needs.
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