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KUMC Alumni Authors

KUMC graduates' talents extend far beyond the health care field. Scroll down for a reading list of books written by our own alumni!

Books that are available for check-out in the A. R Dykes Library or Clendening History of Medicine Library on the Kansas City campus are noted.

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Dogged Persistence

Maj. Arthur L. Ludwick, MD’36, posthumously co-authored "A Doctor's War: Letters and Reflections from the Frontlines of World War II." A medical officer in the 34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division on the front lines of World War II, Maj. Ludwick was responsible for the well-being of traumatized and wounded American soldiers through some of the bloodiest engagements in North Africa and Italy. Based on Ludwick's letters and an archive of interviews, military documents and photos, this multifaceted narrative, compiled by his daughter, also tells the story of her discovery of her father as the young man she never knew. Learn more about the book > 

Available online at: Amazon

Dogged Persistence

Marc Asher, MD'62, authored "Dogged Persistence: Harrington, Post-polio Scoliosis and the Origin of Spine Instrumentation" that examines the life and work of Paul Harrington, MD'38. Harrington Spine Instrumentation forever changed spine surgery by providing the surgeon, for the first time, some measure of direct control over spine stability and position. He attributed his creative success to a life-long process, which this story is committed to documenting and understanding.

Available online at: KU Bookstore
Available for check out at: A.R. Dykes Library and Clendening History of Medicine Library

High Five book cover

J. Kemper Campbell, MD'68, documented his experience with cancer through poetry, and in 2012 published "High Five: A Cancer Survivor's Poetic Journey." The book reflects his gratitude for being able to experience all of the joys and sorrows encountered during the five-year span between diagnosis and cure. His poems, which begin in terror and end in acceptance, are a celebration of these tumultuous five years.

Available online at:

Beyond the shores

Lillian Gonzalez-Pardo, MD, R'67, '68, '75, F'74, wrote "Beyond the Shores: A Memoir" to share her lifetime of experience with her family and future generations. The book chronicles her life from her upbringing in Manila to her immigration to Kansas to her celebrated career as a pediatric neurologist. Her story of courage, ambition, vision and hard work is an inspiration to those who came and continue to come from distant shores seeking the American dream. 

Available online at:
Available for check out at: A.R. Dykes Library and Clendening History of Medicine Library


Jared Grantham, MD'62, was one of the world's foremost scientists in the field of kidney disease. He was inspired by a childhood friend who had the genetic condition. "Why I Think About Urine" followed Dr. Grantham's life from childhood to pursuing medicine to focusing on Polycystic Kidney Disease research to developing a treatment. His legacy of research and and devotion to PKD will not soon be forgotten. 

Available online at:

High Hand

Curtis C. Harris, MD'69, co-wrote "High Hand" with James Ellenberger, and James Rosen under the pseudonym Curtis J. James. This elaborate spy-thriller transports the reader all over the world as we follow reporter Frank Adams trying to discover why he and his former poker buddies are being targeted for assassination. Unexpected twists and turns, as well as espionage, intrigue and politics make for a fast-paced, suspenseful read.

Available online at: 

North Dakota Nurses Over There

Grace E. F. Holmes, MD, F'68, endeavored to write a book about women in the First World War and discovered a cache of personal stories from 225 nurses from North Dakota. They served as U.S. Army and Red Cross registered nurses. The book includes tender stories of the care of wounded and dying and the near impossible demands of dealing with the 1918 influenza epidemic. Hard work, sleeplessness, sickness, squalor, sadness, and privation are balanced with self-effacement, commitment, and often a wry humor in their stories. All who returned to their lives in America came back as changed women.

Available online at:
Available for check out at: A.R. Dykes Library

Finding Hope at Hopkins

David Huffman, MD'67, has written four novels and the most recent is called "Finding Hope at Hopkins." This fictional story is based on Dr. Huffman's experiences. The story begins in 1967 with James Jamison, MD, as a young doctor from Western Kansas about to begin his career at Johns Hopkins Hospital. We follow Dr. Jamison as he faces struggles not only inside the hospital, but also outside, as racial tension builds in late sixties Baltimore.

Available online at:

Over 50 feeling 30

William H. Lee, MD'73, is board certified in both Age Management Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine. His book, "Over 50 Feeling 30," addresses aging concerns and offers solutions for helping avoid chronic degenerative diseases of aging. It helps you recognize what precedes disease and provides easy-to-understand explanations for what is happening to your body as you age. There are sections for both men and women on how to proactively take control of your health and well-being.

Available online at:

Mama Madam

Sherri Kirkpatrick, PhD'88, RN, FAAN, is the co-founder for HealthEd Connect - a not-for-profit organization that serves Zambia, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nepal. Based on her experiences with orphans in Zambia, Dr. Kirkpatrick teamed up with Marla Blevins to write a children's book titled "Mama Madam." The book shares the story of two children before and after they were orphaned and the support they received in an Isubilo support group from a child support specialist everyone calls "Mama Madam." 

I have a Doll Just Like You

Julie Larson, MD, R'16, has a passion for working with children with disabilities. She recently wrote a book titled "I Have A Doll Just Like You" that helps explain amputation and limb deficiency to children. In addition to the fictional story, it contains a "letter to parents/teachers" about how to react in situations when children point, stare and/or ask about someone who looks different than they do. Proceeds from Dr. Larson's book will be donated to send children with limb differences to amputee camps.

Available online at:

More connections

Richard MacArthur, MD'73, understands the power poetry has to reflect life in all its joy, love, and unexpected pain. In his three volumes of poetry, "Connections," "More Connections" and "Some More Connections," Dr. MacArthur digs deep into his personal life to produce a collection of poignant, powerful poems. His verses run the gamut of human emotions, from the sweetest phases of love to the challenges of dealing with a debilitating disease.

Available online: More Connections and Some More Connections are both available on

Rain Boy Too book cover

Rolly McGrath, MD'72, a retired physician educator Indiana University School of Medicine, has recently published his second book, "Rain Boy Too: Living with an Autistic Son." Dr. McGrath and his wife, Claire, serve as parents and guardians for their 33-year-old son, Shane, who is on the autism spectrum. "Rain Boy Too" gives readers a window into life with someone on the autism spectrum. The book has a refreshing focus and serves as a celebration of the gifts yet challenges of a child and young man with autism. Walk with this father as he more publicly shares his companionship with his autistic son.

Available online at

old doc

Richard V. Ohmart, MD'62, FAAFP, wrote a book about his education and development as a rural physician. "The Education of an Old Doc: The Story of My Practice in the Wilderness" describes how he cared for patients and what he learned from them during his thirty-seven years in rural practice. He shares many short vignettes in the book about different patients and how each contributed to his education and experience.

Available online at: and
Available for check out at: A.R. Dykes Library

Feet of the Messenger

H.C. Palmer, MD'63, published his first book of poems titled, "Feet of the Messenger." This work explores Dr. Palmer's experiences as a medical doctor, especially as an army surgeon in the Vietnam War, and his feelings for and memories of his native Kansas, especially the Flint Hills. Although he has only been writing poetry for ten years, Palmer's work reflects decades of discovering how the war kept coming back to him, even on the prairie.

Available online at: Small Press Distribution

A Psychiatrists Journey

Manuel P. Pardo, MD, R'67, completed his residency in psychiatry at the KU Medical Center and went on to lead a distinguished thirty-year career as a clinician and professor in the KU department of psychiatry. Dr. Pardo wrote A Psychiatrist's Journey: Memoirs of a Life Fulfilled. It's the account of his career in the mental health profession which spanned nearly all sectors of practice - academic, community, veterans affairs, state hospitals and private practice.

Available for check out at: A.R. Dykes Library

In My Time Of Need

Brandon Pomeroy, MD'92, has written a novel filled with grace and humor. "In My Time of Need," takes place in a poverty-stricken hospital in Northern Uganda, in a small beach town in Belize, and right here in Kansas City. The story is a spiritual journey that envisions a way of approaching life in which people put faith into action and work together for the common good. It's a love story that finds God in simple acts of humility, mercy and love.

Available online at:

The Cutting Edge of Compassion

Barry Rose, MD'79, chief of orthopedic surgery and division surgical head for Alameda division of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, announced his new book, "The Cutting Edge of Compassion." Dr. Rose presents a compassionate vision for healthcare where health professionals and patients work together to heal. He reflects on how physicians and patients can create the best healing outcomes by appreciating personality differences, addressing fear, being open to Eastern and Western medical philosophies, and working together to address insurance, legal, and pharmaceutical obstacles to optimal care. 

Available online at:

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