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KU Medical Alumni Association

Membership in the KU Medical Alumni Association supports alumni connections and opportunities for School of Medicine students.

In the past year, members have supported:

  • Reunion events for alumni, including the annual Alumni Reunion Weekend
  • Student-run clinics in Kansas City, Salina, and Wichita
  • Student events including A Grand Affair Gala, Match Day, and graduation celebrations

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History of the KU Medical Alumni Association

The KU Medical Alumni Association was organized in 1926. Donations formed the financial survival of the early years. The first regular dues in the amount of $1 were collected in 1952. In 1956, the dues were increased to $5 and to $10 in 1970. The current dues are $50 per year for an individual annual membership.

The active membership consists of graduates, former, and current students of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, physicians who have completed a residency or fellowship program at KUMC, past or present KUMC medical faculty, and Ph.D. recipients in the basic science departments of the School of Medicine.

The KU Medical Alumni Association added national members-at-large in 1989 to the board of directors. These individuals reside in various parts of the United States.

Through the support of its members, the KU Medical Alumni Association plays a key role in the support of student-run clinics, as well as student and faculty research that will have a lasting effect on our students' lives.

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