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Evidence Based Community Scholarship

The Institute for Community Engagement also conducts and supports a wide range of community research projects, especially in rural areas of the state where recruitment of participants and data collection can be challenging.

Recruitment, Data Collection and Consultation

We are constantly seeking solutions for health challenges, but sometimes those solutions can't be found in a lab. Instead, many solutions are found in communities confronting those health issues. That's why KU Medical Center researchers are in dozens of Kansas counties looking for the cures and preventive measures that will improve the health of Kansans, a process known as community-based research.

With the help of Kansas communities, KU Medical Center researchers study where Kansans live, work and play to find solutions to critical health issues, like cancer, tobacco use and obesity, which cost Kansas thousands of lives and millions of dollars each year. The Institute for Community Engagement provides support to those researchers in identifying communities, collecting data and reporting findings.

Recruitment and Retention 

Since 2004, the Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center (KRRC) helped more than 350 health care providers find their home in Kansas. 

The University of Kansas Medical Center Rural Health Education and Services recognizes the value of developing and maintaining a strong health care workforce throughout the state. KRRC is a centralized, statewide program specializing in health care workforce development, retention and strategic planning.

The KRRC currently assists physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and allied health care professionals with locating employment in Kansas.

The KRRC also partners with the hospitals and clinics across Kansas to help them recruit and retain the best health care providers for their communities.

Statewide Assessment Tools and Support

The problem isn't getting the data. The issue is there's so much data to evalutate. Which data is actionable and which data is just interesting? Our team works to discern the most important information and use it to make positive change.
"We need more connected data so we can move fast and make fewer mistakes."
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