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Our Focus Areas

We have homed in on four areas of service, using partnerships and technology to support our goals.

While the work of the Institute for Community Engagement is distributed across departments that serve different parts of our community at large, four major themes inspire all of our work. 

Health Technology Community Extension

We leverage the latest technologies to extend health care, health professional education, support services and other activities across the state of Kansas.

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Evidence-Based Community Scholarship

The Institute for Community Engagement also conducts and supports a wide range of community research projects, especially in rural areas of the state where recruitment of participants and data collection can be challenging.

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Statewide Workforce Preparation

We develop and manage initiatives designed to inspire young people to enter health care careers, while also providing professional development and continuing education programs for current health care professionals.

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Community Practice Development

We support hospitals and clinics across Kansas on the latest health care trends and practices through a variety of education strategies.

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Institute for Community Engagement

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Institute for Community Engagement

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